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The project partners of Yes You Can project with their qualified staff on ICT developed three guides that can be used as survival textbooks in the modern labor market.

- The 1st Guide includes some introductory concepts about online business and e-commerce. It analyzes the procedures for establishing a company in Germany, Greece, Spain, and United Kingdom. It provides useful tips to the reader on:
a) the processes required creating a website,
b) what needs to be noticed during the construction and
c) its content.
End, dealing with issues of safety for internet and e-mail as well as regulations and directives of the European Union on electronic commerce (ecommerce)

- The 2nd Guide aims to help identifying the skills that are required from a person in order to become a successful entrepreneur. In this guide you will find a self-assessment which helps in identifying the skills that the reader acquires as well as understanding of those skills that should be developed. At the End are provided all the necessary directions for the development of those skills.

- The 3rd Guide provides to the reader practical tips step by step and in the form of images on:

  • Digital reputation - Research, monitoring, management
  • Tools for creating, controlling and improving e-business

Whilst guiding with brief and clear way the defining of strategy for creating an electronic business.

The guides are available in language versions of the project partners: English, Greek, Spanish and German.

You can download all the Three Guides of Yes You Can Project on your PC by visiting project's website:   


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Electronic Compass participated as a project partner in the consortium of the Yes You Can Project which was funded by the European Commission. The consortium of the project was consisted by the following European Organizations: XANOCHANNEL (Spain), Electronic Compass (Greece), Berlink (Germany) and Language Link (U.K.)

Electronic Compass constructed the website of Yes You Can project, organized a workshop in Athens in order to educate and inform target groups, participated in the compilation of Project’s Guides and contributed in the dissemination of information and knowledge in the target groups in Greece.





Yes You can Project was awarded as a project star on the EST Database. National Agencies in each country flag Star Projects in EST, based on the quality of the project and of its results. Each year, the different LLP National Agencies are invited to select the 20 best projects implemented and coordinated by organizations from their country: 10 projects for Comenius, 5 for Leonardo da Vinci and 5 for Grundtvig.

Star projects are labeled with a Star on the EST Database and are as well transferred to the EVE database which is the European dissemination platform for projects supported by the Lifelong Learning, Culture, Youth in Action and Citizenship Programmes.



About the Project 

jYES YOU CAN project aimed to reduce the digital discrimination that is met in our knowledge-based society emphasizing on the long-term unemployed people, young people (just graduated), people with no certification, early school leavers, people who were made redundant because of the economic crisis, etc.

Participants were trained to break the barriers caused by the digital divide which used to separate them from the netizens (Internet first-class citizens), and the rest of people who, due to their lack of knowledge or domain in relation to the use of web 2.0 tools, are considered as the new digital illiterates of the 21st century.

The participants had the opportunity to learn about the necessary mechanisms of being a good Entrepreneur and being more competitive in the European labor market which is more globalized everyday putting into practice the following tasks:


  •  To enhance participants professional competencies.
  •  Strengthening e-enterprises network.
  •  Enabling the target groups, getting and maintaining an e-enterprise digital identity  for being competitive in the labor market.

    YES YOU CAN project helped us to turn our participants into digital natives and furthermore to prevent teachers and staff from becoming digital emigrants by increasing the learning and good use of the ICT and the web 2.0 tools. Also during the project’s implementation period the participants were trained on the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Xing, and others.

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Project Management Courses

Electronic Compass organises courses on Project Management for organisations and individuals.
The course lasts 5 days and includes theory and practice with the use o Project Management software.
Notes and further study of the course are located on our E-Learning Platform.

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